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Peter Beijen
November 25, 2019
Peter Beijen from Sudbury (Ontario) passed away on November 22. He belonged to the Breyell family.
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More than 700 photos
November 24, 2019
The gallery includes many photos of members of the Dutch Beijen and Beyen families who live or have lived in the Netherlands or elsewhere. The most recent number is 722.
An important point: express consent is required from all people whose photo is used in the gallery. Please send an e-mail to confirm your consent as soon as possible! Other reactions to the photo gallery or suggestions for updating it will be appreciated as well. More details >>
Breanna and Adam
March 31, 2019
Breanna Beijen and Adam Chapman married on March 18. Breanna belonges to the Jan Thomas branch.
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Mies Beijen Heerbaart
August 11, 2019
Mies Beijen Heerbaart from Hengelo passed away on August 6. She was the widow of Frans Beijen.
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Björn and Elena
April 3, 2019
Björn Beijen and Elena Shtukina from Bemmel in Gelderland married on March 7 in Curaçao.
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The Breyell family
December 15, 2018
The English section of this website includes now more information about the oldest generations of the Breyell family. The page The origin in Germany explains that in this family two groups can be distinguished: the group Fridericus and the group Lambertus. These groups must have had a common ancestor: Nicolaus Beij. Members of both groups came to the Netherlands in later years.The page The group Lambertus discusses the second group. More details >>

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First of all Preface
Families and branches
Beijen or Beyen?
The oldest generations
of the IJsselstein family
Overview of the members of the oldest generations
The first Beijen's in IJsselstein
Dirck Jansz. Beijen
The children of Dirck Jansz. Beijen
Dirck Gijsbertsz. Beijen and his wives
The descendants of Dirck Gijsbertsz. Beijen
The Gijsbert branch
of the IJsselstein family
Overview of the members of the Gijsbert branch
Gijsbert and Dirck Beijen from Lexmond
The Arie subbranch
The Dirk Jan subbranch
Little subbranches from Amsterdam and Sloterdijk
The Jan Thomas branch
of the IJsselstein family
Overview of the members of the Jan Thomas branch
Jan Thomas Beijen and his children
The Dirk subbranch
The Maarten subbranch
The Gerrit subbranch
The tombstone of Gerrit Beijen
The Johan Franco branch
of the IJsselstein family
Overview of the members of the Johan Franco branch
Johan Beijen and Mechteld van Meerland
Johan Franco I, friend of the Bohemian Brethren
The Johan Franco's II and III
The Johan Franco's IV, V and VI
Jacoba Cornelia Beijen and her children
Beijens in the Dutch East Indies
Victims of the Japanese occupation
The Nieuwkapelle family Overview of the members of the Nieuwkapelle family
Remigius Beyen from Nieuwkapelle
The Nieuwkapelle family in the 19th century
Johan Willem Beyen, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Some other members of the Nieuwkapelle family
The Breyell family Overview of the members of the Breyell family
The origin in Germany
The group Lambertus
The younger generations of the Breyell family
The Hengelo family Overview of the members of the Hengelo family
From Bijenhuis to Bijen
From Bijen to Beijen
The growth of the Hengelo family
The Beijen-Overbeek division
The Beijen-Spekreis division
The Dordrecht family Overview of the members of the Dordrecht family
The extinct Dordrecht family
Loose ends Loose ends
Finally Family messages
The photo gallery
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The size of the families and branches
Coats of Arms
The surname Beyen in Belgium
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