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The Breyell family

The origin in Germany

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The map below shows the Dutch city of Venlo and a part of its surroundings according to the situation around 1850. The red line is the border between the Netherlands and Germany.

In the past the five towns at the German side of the border that are marked with yellow (Breyell, Hinsbeck, Kaldenkirchen, Leuth and Lobberich) were separate municipalities. In 1970 they were combined to the municipality of Nettetal.

The surname Beyen is not uncommon in this region. In former days the name was written as Beijen as well, and in the eighteenth century the name was also written as Beij or Bey in the registers of baptisms and marriages.

Over the years, some people with this name moved to the Dutch side of the border. Among them were the ancestors of what is called on this website the Breyell family. This family is discussed below and on the next pages.
Only the Dutch members of the family and their ancestors in Germany are mentioned.

Lambertus Beij

On the left is a picture of the St. Lambertus Church in Breyell from about 1868; on the right a picture of the remaining tower, thas is protected by the Förderverein Alter Kirchturm e.V..

According to the register of marriages of this church a certain Lambertus Beij married Aldegond Boezkes in 1751. Aldegond died in 1754. In 1755 Lambertus married Gertrud Straten. He died in 1768.
In later years the surname Beij was usually written as Beijen or Beyen.
Lambertus was not the first person with the surname Beij or Beijen who was listed in the Breyell registers, but he was the first one who was certainly an ancestor of the present members of the Breyell family. Therefore he has the number 1.1 at the overview of the members of the Breyell family.

Johannes Mathias Beijen

The other children of Lambertus are not listed on the overview of the members of the Breyell family because they had no offspring in the Netherlands.
One of the children of Lambertus from his second marriage, Johannes Mathias (2.1), was born in Breyell in 1765.
Johannes Mathias moved to Hinsbeck, north of Breyell, where he was a farm-hand and a carpenter. He was married to Maria Catharina Mollenix and at a later age, after the passing of Maria Catharina, to Maria Helena Bolten. He died in Hinsbeck in 1834.

Mathias Beijen

A son from the first marriage of Johannes Mathias was called Mathias (3.1). He was born in Hinsbeck in 1806. In that time the German Rhineland was annexed by France; in the French birth certificate that is shown Mathias is called Mathieu.
Mathias lived in Breyell, just as his grandfather did. He was also a farm-hand and was married successively to Anna Christina Lehnen, Maria Adelheid Backes and Anna Matthia Bruijnen. He died in 1884.

A son from the second marriage of Mathias, Johann Heinrich (4.1), was born in 1842 in Breyell. He is discussed on the next page.

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