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The Nieuwkapelle family

The Nieuwkapelle family in the 19th century

Henricus Hubertus Beijen and the Haarlem Pawnshop

Henricus Hubertus Beijen (4.7) was born in 1805 in Nijmegen as a son of Gerardus Beijen who was mentioned at the end of the previous page. Therefore he was a grandson of Remigius. His family name and that of his children and grandchildren was nearly always written as Beijen, contrary to the prevailing use of Beyen in the later generations of the Nieuwkapelle family.

At a young age, before he was twenty, Henricus moved from Nijmegen to Haarlem. In 1824 he was appointed youngest clerk of the Municipal Pawnshop of Haarlem. In 1826 he married the Haarlem-born Elisabeth van den Berg. In later years he rose to the position of deputy cashier of the pawnshop, the second employee in rank.

In 1852 a large-scale fraud in the pawnshop was uncovered. It led to a great upheaval in Haarlem. Henricus was one of the suspects, but according to the court there was no legal proof of his guilt. He was therefore acquitted. After this unpleasant affair Henricus and his wife and children moved to Amsterdam, where they lived for many years. In 1881, after the passing of his wife, Henricus moved to Nijmegen, his birthplace. He died there five years later.

Karel Hubertus Beijen

From the marriage of Henricus and Elisabeth no less than twelve children had been born, but many of them died in infancy. Only the youngest son, Karel Hubertus Beijen (5.17) had descendants in the Beijen-line.

Karel was born in 1841 in Haarlem. In 1854 he moved together with his parents to Amsterdam. After his education at a grammar school he worked as an office clerk. In 1863 he married Jannetje Stenvers in Amsterdam.
In 1864 Karel was engaged by the Dutch Rhine Railway Company (NRS), the proprietor of the railways from Amsterdam via Utrecht to the German border and from Rotterdam and The Hague to Utrecht. In the same year the head offices of the NRS were moved from Amsterdam to Utrecht. In this connection Karel and Jannetje moved to Utrecht as well.
The couple had four children, two of whom died in infancy. Jannetje deceased in 1876. Seven years later Karel married Antoinette Wikinga Ramaer with whom he had five children.

Karel Beijen was the archivist of the NRS and an expert in railway legislation. At the right is a copy of a part of a leaflet from 1887 in which he announced the publication of a text edition of various railway regulations.
In 1890 the NRS was taken over by the State and mainly merged with the State Railways. Karel Beijen became a department manager. He retired in 1908 and died in 1915.

Karel Hendrik Beijen

The eldest son of Karel Hubertus, Karel Hendrik (6.3), was born in 1866. He studied law at the Utrecht University. In 1890 he obtained his doctorate with a thesis on the Dutch nationality in relation to the international law. At the right is a picture of him at a young age.
After his studies he held at first positions at the Ministry of Finance. In 1895 he was in the wake of his father employed by the State Railways. He made a very fast career: in 1899 he was appointed secretary of the company and head of the Central Division. This made him the immediate superior of his father.
The relationships are illustrated by the next diagram that shows the salaries of Karel Hendrik, his father and his brother in guilders per year.

He resigned in 1920 from the State Railways. In later years he was an independent consultant for railway companies.
In 1891 Karel Beijen married Louisa Maria Coenen. The had three sons, among which Johan Willem Beijen/Beyen (7.2), the main person of the next page.
Karel died in 1941.

Wilhelmus Hubertus Beijen

Wilhelmus Hubertus (6.4) was born in 1869. Just like his father and his brother he had positions at the State Railways. The diagram above shows that his career was more gradual than his brother's. From 1921 until his retirement in 1933 he was chief of the employees funds of the Dutch National Railways.
Wilhelmus Hubertus was married to Catharina Elisabeth van Rijkom. They had no children. Just like his brother, Wilhelmus died in 1941.

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