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The Breyell family

The group Lambertus

Lambertus Beij

On the page The origin in Germany Lambertus Beij is denoted as the first representative of the group named after him. It is not known when and where he was born: the baptismal registers from the first half of the eighteenth century do not offer a complete overview.
Lambertus married Aldegond Boezkes in 1751 and Gertrud Straten in 1755. As was said on the mentioned page, he had seven children from that two marriages.
Lambert died in 1768. He left a young family behind. On the overview of the members of the Breyell family he has the number 1.2.
In later years the surname Beij was usually written as Beijen or Beyen.

Johannes Mathias Beijen

In catholic families in the eastern part of the Netherlands and the western part of Germany the second given name was often more used in daily life than the first one. We may therefore assume that this Johannes Mathias was usually called Thies or another name that was derived from Mathias.
The other children of Lambertus are not listed on the overview of the members of the Breyell family because they had no offspring in the Netherlands.
One of the children of Lambertus from his second marriage, Johannes Mathias (2.2), was born in Breyell in 1765.
Johannes Mathias moved to Hinsbeck, north of Breyell, where he was a farm-hand and a carpenter. He was married to Maria Catharina Mollenix and at a later age, after the passing of Maria Catharina, to Maria Helena Bolten. He died in Hinsbeck in 1834.

Mathias Beijen

A son from the first marriage of Johannes Mathias was called Mathias (3.2). He was born in Hinsbeck in 1806. In that time the German Rhineland was annexed by France; in the French birth certificate that is shown Mathias is called Mathieu.
Mathias lived in Breyell, just as his grandfather had done. He was also a farm-hand and was married successively to Anna Christina Lehnen, Maria Adelheid Backes and Anna Matthia Bruijnen. He died in 1884.

Johann Heinrich Beijen and Victoria Hormes

One of the sons of Mathias was Johann Heinrich Beijen (4.10), usually called Heinrich. He was born in 1842 in Breyell and married there in 1870 Victoria Hormes, who was born in Breyell as well. According to the register of marriages he was a farm-hand. After their wedding Heinrich and Victoria lived in the neighbouring towns of Leuth and Kaldenkirchen.
In 1887 Heinrich and Victoria moved to the Netherlands: they settled with their son Peter in Venlo, just at the Dutch side of the border. In the inhabitants' register Heinrich was listed as a workman en later as a fruit merchant.
In 1901, when his first grandchild was born, Heinrich was denoted in the register of births as a shopkeeper:

In 1903 Heinrich and Victoria moved back to Leuth in Germany. Victoria passed away there in 1910. Heinrich was still alive by then; it is not yet known when he died.

Peter Michael Beijen and Anna Maria Gubbels

Peter Michael Beijen (5.1), who was the only son of Heinrich and Victoria, was born in 1872 in Leuth. In 1900 Peter married Anna Maria Gubbels, who had been born in 's-Hertogenbosch, but was living in Nijmegen.

After they were married Peter and Anna lived in Venlo. Peter worked as an assistant (we don't know the kind of business) and was also an agent of an insurance company. According op the left advertisement below one of his clients was very grateful for Peter's quick service. In June 1907 Peter and Anna announced the opening of a store where they would sell tobacco and various other articles. Obviously, it was no great success: half a year later they moved to Peter's birth town Leuth.

Another half year later, in April 1908, Peter and Anna moved back to the Netherlands, this time to Nijmegen. There they lived for the rest of their lives. At first Peter was a pharmacist's assistent, but afterwards he worked for over thirty years as a waiter.
Anna died in 1949, Peter in 1950. Pictures of them are shown above; Peter's death announcement is shown on the right.

The next page, The younger generations of the Breyell family, provides information about the children of Peter and Anna and their descendants.

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