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The Hengelo family

The Beijen-Spekreis division

Bernardus Beijen and Gezina Spekreis

Bernardus B(e)ijen (4.6), the youngest son of Gerardus Joannes (Jan) Bien/Bijen/Beijen, married Gezina Spekreis in 1871. On the page From Bijen to Beijen a part of their wedding certificate was shown: for the first time the family name was writtten as Beijen.
Bernardus was born in 1836 in Hengelo, Gezina in 1847 in the municipality of Ambt Delden. They had seven children. At first Bernardus and Gezina lived in or next to Bernardus' parental house at the Uitslagsweg. Later on they moved to another house: at the Landmansweg, that is marked with green on the page From Bijen to Beijen.
Bernardus died in 1898, Gezina many years later, in 1920.

The picture above was probably taken around 1905, when Gezina was already a widow. She is sitting second from right at the table. Beside her are from left to right her daughters Marie (Maria, 5.9), Dika (Hendrika W., 5.7) and Dina (Berendina G., 5.10). Standing are from left to right: a tailor from the neighbourhood, Gerrit Jan (5.8), Jan Lansink (Marie's fiancé) and Johan (5.6). The first and second daughter of Bernardus and Gezina, Trui (Geertruida, 5.4) and Hanna (Johanna, 5.5), are absent.

Johan Beijen and Mina Lansink

Johan Beijen (5.6) was the eldest son of Bernardus Beijen and Gezina Spekreis. He was born in 1876 in Hengelo and lived there for the rest of his life. In 1907 he married Hermina Hendrika (Mina) Lansink. They had nine children. Johan Beijen died in 1949, his wife in 1957.

This photo was taken in 1932 on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary. It comes from Mrs. Cora Lijnders Nijhuis from Australia. Johan is sitting on the left and Mina on the right. Between them are their eldest daughter Sien (Gezina H.M., 6.11) and their youngest son Frans (Franciscus, 6.19). On the back row are from left to right Tonny (Antonia, 6.17), Bernard (Bernardus A., 6.16), Johan Junior (Johan, 6.18), Riek (Hendrika A., 6.14), Marie (Johanna M., 6.15), Herman (Hermannus B.J., 6.12) and Bernarda (Bernarda C., 6.13). In later years Bernarda entered a nunnery; she was known there as Sister Antonio.

Most of the children of Johan and Hermina lived in the Hengelo area. However, in the fifties their daughter Hendrika (later known as Rita) emigrated with her husband Christiaan (Jan) Nijhuis and their children to Australia. Nowadays many descendants of them live there.

The photo above is much more recent than the other ones. It was made in July 2010 on the occasion of the 90th birthday of Mrs Mies Beijen Heerbaart, the widow of Frans Beijen (6.19). She is surrounded by three of her four sons, three daughters-in-law, nine grandchildren and two partners of her grandchildren. Some days after the party her first great-grandchild was born: a daughter of Jos Beijen and Anja Beijen Drecksträter who are sitting at the back rows.

Gerrit Jan Beijen and Aleida Oonk

Gerrit Jan Beijen (5.8) was the youngest son of Bernardus Beijen and Gezina Spekreis. He was born in 1882 and married in 1909 Aleida Oonk, who was born in Borne. They had seven kinderen, one of whom died in infancy.
In 1936 Gerrit Jan and his family moved to Borne, where they had a café. In addition they had a clothing workshop in Hengelo. After World War II the café and the workshop were sold and the family moved to Terborg in the eastern part of the province of Gelderland. There they had both a café and a clothing industry. Both had the name 'De Beijenkorf'. This is a pun: the Dutch word "bijenkorf", which is pronounced in the same way as "beijenkorf", means "beehive". Moreover, a famous Dutch chain of stores has the name 'De Bijenkorf'.

This photo was made in 1949, not long after the move to Terborg, on the occasion of the 40th wedding anniversary of Gerrit Jan and Aleida. A is Gerrit Jan, B is Aleida, C is Ben (Bernardus J.J., 6.20), D is Jo (Johanna G.J., 6.21), E is Sien (Gezina J.C., 6.22), F is Marie (Maria G.M., 6.23), G is Betsy (Albertha T., 6.24) en H is Harry (Henricus A., 6.26). The woman with the letter I is Maria Lansink Beijen (5.9), a sister of Gerrit Jan.

Five children of Gerrit Jan and Aleida did not marry. They had together the direction of the clothing industry De Beijenkorf in Terborg. It included a textile wholesale company and some textile shops. For several years it had about eighty staff members. Later the company was sold.
The photos above and below were made in 2007. Afterwards the buildings of 'De Beijenkorf' were demolished and replaced by a new block of houses and offices.

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