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by Laurens Beijen
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Since 1993 I have examined the history of the different Dutch Beijen and Beyen families in the last centuries. I found very interesting things:

  • a seal with a coat of arms at charters from, among others, 1530, 1617 and 1779;
  • disputes in a church council about wedding plans in 1626 and 1670;
  • a court case concerning a broken promise of marriage in 1687;
  • the construction of a magnificent church organ around 1775;
  • a marriage consent of Napoleon in 1813;
  • a picture of a coat of arms from 1824;
  • a beautiful picture of a family tree from 1827;
  • two participants in the Ten Days Campaign against Belgium in 1831;
  • a visit to Tsar Nicholas I in St Petersburg in 1840;
  • an awkward affair in the Municipal Pawnshop in Haarlem in 1852;
  • a mysterious birth and a false birth certificate in France in 1878;
  • a unique will from 1881 that proved to be of interest even in 1999;
  • a spectacular burglary in 1896 that was mentioned by many Dutch newspapers;
  • a birth registration in Scotland in 1908 and disputes in Holland about the name of the child;
  • a sad death in a German concentration camp after assistance to hided Jews;
  • two Dutch Ministers (one of Defence and one of Foreign Affairs),
  • and many ordinary and less ordinary people.

    At this site you'll find some main points.

    Within a few years much more information and stories will be published in a detailed family book (probably only in Dutch). In that book all Beijens and Beyens from the past to the present (as far as they belong to the Dutch families) will get their place.

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