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The Gijsbert branch of the IJsselstein family

The Dirk Jan subbranch

Dirck Beijen, soldier and horseman

Dirck Beijen (8.4) was born in 1724 in Lexmond from the second marriage of the 'chirurgijn' and alderman Dirck Beijen who was mentioned at the bottom of the page about Gijsbert and Dirck Beijen from Lexmond.
Just like his half-brother Gijsbert (mentioned at the previous page) Dirck was interested in horses. He joined the Dutch army and became a cavalryman in the company of the Colonel Van Tuyll van Serooskerken. That company was quartered in Utrecht, Amersfoort, Arnhem, Zutphen and other garrison towns.
In 1750 Dirck married Hendrina Stomp. As far as we know they had four children.
Dirck died in 1797 in Utrecht; his widow Hendrina Stomp in 1806.

Dirck and his descendants are referred to as the Dirk Jan subbranch: not less than twelve descendants had the name Dirk Jan Beijen.

Most members of the Gijsbert branch are descendants of Dirck, his son Jan Hendrik and his grandson Hermanus. The next small selection from the overview of the members of the Gijsbert branch shows the connections between Dirck and the Beijens who are mentioned below.

Jan Hendrik and Hermanus

Jan Hendrik Beijen (9.16), one of Dirck's sons, was born in 1755 in Zutphen. Jan Hendrik and his elder brother Dirk (9.15), were for some years 'chirurgijn' apprentices in Utrecht. Dirk was indeed a 'chirurgijn' in later years; we do not know Jan Hendrik's profession.
In 1786 Jan Hendrik married in the town of Woerden Steverina Cornelia Verweij. They had three children. Jan Hendrik died in 1795.

Hermanus Dirkse Beijen (10.42), one of Jan Hendrik's children, was born in 1788 in Waarder, southwest of Woerden. In his young years he moved to the Betuwe (the river area in the province of Gelderland), where relatives of his mother lived. Around 1810 he married Hendrika van der Aa. They lived in the village of Heesselt on the river Waal near Zaltbommel, and had six children.

According to the registers of of births, deaths and marriages Hermanus was a day-labourer. He died in 1866 in Heesselt, 77 years old.

Jan Hendrik and the "Delft" Beijens

Hermanus' eldest son, Jan Hendrik Beijen (11.9), was born in 1811 in Heesselt. He was in military service during the Ten Days Campaign against Belgium in 1831. Because he knew how to get on with horses (just like his great-grandfather), he could sign on as a regular soldier in the army. His regiment was quartered in Delft. In 1837 he left the army. He remained in Delft for the rest of his life and worked as a coachman.
In his years in the army, Jan Hendrik married the Delft-born Cornelia Dirkje van der Hoeven. They had five sons and one daughter. Jan Hendrik died in 1875 in Delft.

Two of Jan Hendrik's sons were shoemakers, two were gunmakers and one was a blacksmith. Most of them lived in Delft. In the years 1856-1878 not less than 17 little Beijens were born in Delft, but nowadays there are no longer offspring of Jan Hendrik with the surname Beijen in Delft or elsewhere.

Dirk Jan and the "Gooi" Beijens

Hermanus' other son, Dirk Jan Beijen (11.13), was born in 1824 in Heesselt. In 1854 he married Jenneke Maria Clements. After their wedding Dirk Jan and Jenneke lived in a great number of towns, first in the Betuwe area, later in the Utrecht area and finally in the Gooi area (around Hilversum).
Dirk Jan was a labourer. We do not know his exact occupations. He died in 1903 in the Gooi town of Bussum. His wife had died seven years before.

Three of the sons of Dirk Jan and Jenneke had offspring with the name Beijen:

Dirk Jan Beijen Junior (12.26) was born in 1864. He worked as a bricklayer and pointer and died in 1928 in Hilversum. Most of his offspring lived and live in the Amsterdam area.

Theodorus Beijen (12.27) was born in 1865. He was a ship's engineer and fireman. Theodorus married Klaasje Lustig. Around 1910 they lived with their children for a number of years in Scotland. Theodorus died in 1941 and his wife in 1947.
Most of Theodorus' descendants lived and live in the Gooi area, but there are also offspring in the USA.
The picture above must have been made on the occasion of the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Theodorus and Klaasje in 1936. The people surrounding the bridal couple were from left to right their daughter Jenneke Maria (Marie) (13.42), their Scottish daughter-in-law Margaret Lynch, their eldest son Theodorus Jr. (13.39), their stepdaughter Dora and their daughter Klaasje (Sien) (13.45). The boy on the right was probably one of their grandsons.

Hermanus Dirk Beijen (12.30) was born in 1870. He was a brick pointer and lived in the Gooi towns of Bussum and Naarden. He died in 1946. Most of his offspring lived and live in the Gooi area as well.

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