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The surname Beyen in Belgium

The proper subject of the Beijen/Beyen Family Site are the Beijen or Beyen families from the Netherlands, including the descendants of Dutch ancestors who are residing in other countries.
The surname Beyen is also fairly common in Belgium. The notation Beijen however is very unusual there. This page discusses, in short, the Belgian Beyen families.

A survey map

The map below, derived from the site, is based on the Belgian census of 2008. In that year 249 people with the surname Beyen were living in Belgium. Most of them lived and live in the province of West Flanders, especially in the coastal area in and around the city of Ostend (Oostende). In the northern part of the Belgian province of Limburg there are also many Beyen's, especially in the municipality of Hechtel-Eksel.

From the above mentioned website it may be concluded that in 2008 the name Beyen was distributed as follows over the Belgian regions and provinces:

  • Flanders: 245
    (West Flanders 126, East Flanders 11, Antwerp 8, Limburg 65, Flemish Brabant 35)
  • Wallonia: 2
    (Liège 1, Luxembourg 1)
  • Brussels: 2.

    In 2008 only one Belgian resident had the surname Beijen. He is a Dutchman who lives in Belgium.

    The West Flemish Beyen family

    On the page about Remigius Beyen from Nieuwkapelle it is mentioned that the Nieuwkapelle family has its roots in the town of Nieuwkapelle in West Flanders. Remigius Beyen (2.1), who was born in Nieuwkapelle in 1717, joined the Dutch army in 1742. In later years he settled in the Netherlands and married a Dutch wife. Most of his descendants still live there.

    Remigius was the ninth child of Petrus Jacobus Beyen (1.1) and Jacoba Stoet, who married in 1698 in Nieuwkapelle. Jacoba died some days after Remigius' birth. In 1718 Petrus married Jacoba Snick in the neighbouring town of Oudekapelle. He had four more children from this second marriage.

    As far as we know, all Beyens in West Flanders descend from Petrus Jacobus Beyen (Senior), the father of Remigius. They are descendants of two elder brothers of Remigius: Petrus Joannes and Petrus Jacobus Beyen.
    -- Petrus Joannes Beyen was born in 1700. He married Isabella Theresia Vandevyvere and was the ancestor of the so-called Beyen-Vandevyvere branch.
    -- Petrus Jacobus Beyen was born in 1710. He married Regina Perpetua Swyngedouw and was the ancestor of the Beyen-Swyngedouw branch.

    Therefore the Nieuwkapelle family is actually a branch of the West Flemish Beyen family.
    More information about the ancestry tree of the West Flemish family can be found on the website of Nand Staes from Jette near Brussels ("Stamboomgegevens van de familietakken Staes - Degrave - Beyen - Boels").

    The Limburg Beyen family

    There are no indications of a relationship between the people with the surname Beyen in Limburg and West Flanders. Some centuries ago members of a Beyen family were already living in the village of Wijchmaal, between Peer, Hechtel and Eksel in the northern part of Limburg. It is very likely that all Beyens in Limburg have a common ancestor.

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