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The Gijsbert branch of the IJsselstein family

Gijsbert and Dirck Beijen from Lexmond

Gijsbert, 'chirurgijn' in Lexmond

Gijsbert Beijen (6.13), who was born in 1654, was a son of the IJsselstein alderman and 'chirurgijn' (medical practitioner) Dirck Beijen (5.5). As was mentioned on the page about the descendants of Dirck Gijsbertsz. Beijen, he was the link between the oldest generations and the Gijsbert branch.

Just like many of his relatives, Gijsbert was a 'chirurgijn'. Probably there was no employment for another chirurgijn in IJsselstein. Therefore Gijsbert settled in Lexmond, not far from IJsselstein at the other side of the river Lek. He lived in the centre of the town, opposite the church and next to the inn 'De Drie Snoecken' (The Three Pike), which still exists nowadays.

Gijsbert was married to Jannetta Tafelmaecker, who was born in Dordrecht. As far as we know, they had five children. Three of them, Louisa Margaretha (7.3), Dirck (7.4) and Johannis (7.5), reached adulthood. Only Dirck had descendants with the surname Beijen.
Gijsbert died in about 1705.

Dirck, a 'chirurgijn' and afterwards a farmer

Gijsbert's son Dirck (7.4), who was mentioned above, was born in 1685 and died in about 1748. He lived in Lexmond as well and succeeded his father as a 'chirurgijn'. In addition he was for many years, from 1719 to 1736, an alderman of Lexmond.

Dirck was married to Maria van der Roest. Probably she died shortly after the birth of her second child in 1715. In 1721 Dirck married Maria van Dinslager. From his second marriage Dirck had seven children who were born in the years 1722-1741. All nine children happened to be boys. Five of them reached adulthood.

Presumably Dirck stopped being a chirurgijn. In later years he was a farmer. Things were not going very well: in his last years he had difficulties paying the lease rent. Maybe it stemmed from the fact that in 1741 and 1744 the farmers in the Vianen and Lexmond area were severely struck by floods.
Dirck died in or shortly before 1749.

Different subbranches

Two of Dirck's sons who reached adulthood had many descendants: Dircks eldest son, whose name was of course again Gijsbert (8.1), and a son from Dirck's second marriage, Dirck Junior (8.4).
On this website Gijsbert and his descendants are referred to as the Arie subbranch and Dirck and his descendants as the Dirk Jan subbranch. The reason for these designations is that there were many people in these subbranches who had the names Arie and Dirk Jan, respectively.

The other three sons had children as well, but these subbranches became extinct after some generations. Because all descendants of these three brothers were living in Amsterdam and the neighbouring village of Sloterdijk, they are referred to as the little subbranches from Amsterdam and Sloterdijk.

Below is a little selection from the overview of the members of the Gijsbert branch that shows the relationships between the different subbranches.

The next three pages give information about the subbranches.

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