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The Breyell family

The younger generations of the Breyell family

Peter Michael Beijen and Anna Maria Gubbels, who were mentioned on the previous page, had seven children. Three of them died when they were young. The other four children were sons.
Below these sons and their descendants are discussed.


Matheus A.P.H. Beijen (6.2), who was commonly called Thijs, was the eldest son. He was born in 1903 in Venlo. In 1928 he married Petronella E. Schetselaar, who was born in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch, the capital of the province of North Brabant. They were living in Nijmegen and had six children, one of whom died in infancy.

The picture alongside was taken in 1942. In the front are Thieu (Matheus M., 7.5), who had received his First Communion, and Wil (Wilhelmus A., 7.6). Behind them are from left to right Ann (Johanna M., 7.1), Piet (Peter M., 7.3) and Ferry (Ferdinand G., 7.2).

Before the Second World War Thijs Beijen worked for many years as a confectioner. After the war he worked as a civil servant of the municipality of Nijmegen, where he had executive positions in the Social Affairs Department.
Thijs died in 1979 in Nijmegen, his widow in 1989. Many of their descendants are still living in the Nijmegen area.


Henricus A.P.M.T. Beijen (6.4), who was usually called Harry, was born in 1910 in Nijmegen. In 1933 he married Maria T. van den Wollenberg in the neighbouring town of Ubbergen. They had six children.

The photo was taken in 1959 on the occasion of the wedding of their eldest son. Their youngest daughter Marga (Margaretha E.C., 7.12) is standing between Harry and his wife. Behind them are from left to right An (Anna P.T.J., 7.10), Wil (Wilhelmus P., 7.7), Rietje (Maria H.J., 7.8), Henny (Henricus A.P., 7.9) and Thea (Theodora C., 7.11).

Harry Beijen worked as a dissecter in a laboratory of the Nijmegen University.
Harry died in 1988 in Nijmegen. His widow died in 2004 in Beek-Ubbergen.


Wilhelmus A.P.M.H. Beijen (6.5) (commonly called Wim) was born in 1912 in Nijmegen. In 1939 he married in Nijmegen Helena M. (Leen) Könning. She was born in the German border town of Elten. They had four children.
Wim Beijen worked in one of the Dutch Philips branches. In 1955 he and his wife emigrated with their children to Australia. Wim had different jobs in the technical sector. Alongside is a photo of Wim and Leen in Australia.
Wim (who wrote his name in Australia as Beyen) died in 1989 in Mildura in the state of Victoria.

Beyen in the music and show business
In the 1970's and 1980's Maria Beyen (7.15), a daughter of Wim, was a well-known photographic model in Australia. For many years she was on the cover of the great Australian magazines. She did many TV commercials as well.
In 1968 Maria married Bruce Rowland, a famous film music composer, who also wrote and conducted the music for the opening of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. More information about him can be found on Wikipedia. Maria has worked for her husband's music company. They live in Melbourne. Previously they have also worked and lived in America (Los Angeles).
The picture shows Maria, Bruce and their daughter Kelly in 2005 when Bruce was awarded the Australasian Performing Rights Association Award.
Kelly has had her own career as a songwriter and singer. Because the name Kelly Rowland was already used by another singer, she adopted for a number of years the name Brooke Beyen (Brooke is her middle name).


Johannes P.A.M. Beijen (6.7) (usually called Jo) was born in 1917 in Nijmegen.
In 1943 Jo married Johanna M. (Annie) Roelofs, who was born in Nijmegen as well. Alongside is a picture that was taken in 1942 on the occasion of their engagement. After their first child, which died at a very young age, they had three other children.
Jo Beijen worked at first as a textile painter and afterwards for many years in the printing industry as a printer and compositor.
He died in 1997 in Nijmegen. Annie Beijen Roelofs died there in 2003.

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