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The alphabetical list of first names

Below is a list of the first names of all members of the Beijen and Beyen families. In all, 1391 people are listed. As far as we know, 945 of them are deceased and 446 are living now.

If you want to see someone's place in one of the families, please remember the number at the end of the line and click on the link. It will take you to the overview of the family or the branch. The number of the person in question will be visible on the screen (in most cases in the upper right corner). Afterwards, you can return to this list by clicking the "Back" button of your browser.

The list contains the official first names (given names). Some people use a rather different name. Odette Theresia Beijen, for instance, is known as Mirjam, and Willem Nicolaas Beijen is called Marco. In some cases the commonly used name is listed in brackets after the official first names. Additional information about names by which people go will be welcome.

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Aagie1819-1890IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.13
Aaltje1747-1826IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.5
Aaltje1817-1819IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.11
Aaltje1821-1850IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.12
Aaltje1885-1957IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.40
Aaltje (Alie)* 1930IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.32
Aaltje1939-1941IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.27
Aart1939-2014IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.3
Aart Willem (Erwin)* 1967IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.5
Abel Hero* 2021Hengelo, 9.13b
Abigaël1688-1690IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 7.3
Adolf Simon1920-1922IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.39
Adriaantje1797-1813IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.20
Adriana15..-1623IJss., oldest generations, 3.2
Adriana1668-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.31
Adriana1802-1853IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.29
Adriana1856-1919IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.21
Adriana1877-1957IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.60
Adriana1884-1903IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.40
Adriana1890-1919IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.30
Adriana (Janny)1915-2006IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.98
Adriana1916-1982IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.49
Adriana1930-1988IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.10
Adriana Cornelia (Adrie)* 1959IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.5
Adriana Janna1910-1993IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.54
Adriana Janna Cornelia (Adrie)* 1959IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.8
Adriana Johanna Hendrika (Sjaan)1880-1963IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.12
Adriana Johanna Hendrika (Sjaan)1913-1970IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.14
Adriana Maria (Rie)1900-1970IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.20
Adriana Preciosa* 1954IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.76
Adrianus1672-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.34
Adrianus1682-1743IJss., oldest generations, 6.26
Adrianus1731-1731IJss., oldest generations, 8.4
Adrianus1736-17..IJss., oldest generations, 8.6
Adrianus1795-1857IJss., oldest generations, 10.1
Adrianus1878-1879IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.61
Adrianus Christiaan Gerardus Johannes1861-1864IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.8
Adrianus Jacob1890-1891IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.44
Aefien1679-17..IJss., oldest generations, 7.4
Aefje Maria1741-17..IJss., oldest generations, 8.3
Aernoud1639-1640Dordrecht, 4.8
Aigje1851-1924IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.3
Albert1917-1993IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.92
Albert* 1955IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.31
Albert Ferdinand Bernard* 1985IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.15
Alberta Theresia (Betsy)1920-2006Hengelo, 6.24
Albertus1920-2004IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.50
Albertus (Bert)* 1958Hengelo, 7.13
Aleida Antonia Maria (Elly)* 1940Breyell, 7.13
Aleida Gesina1915-1917Hengelo, 6.5
Aleida Gesina (Lyde)1920-2007Hengelo, 6.7
Aletta1866-1867IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.53
Alexander1800-1802Nieuwkapelle, 4.1
Alexander John* 1967IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.43
Alexander Steven1972-2010IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.29
Alida1913-2001IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.89
Alida1925-2011IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.31
Alida1932-1997IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.62
Alida Hendrika1900-1981IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.49
Alida Sophia (Lida)1936-2023IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.41
Alida Wijntje1917-1935IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.59
Amanda Rena* 1982IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.87
Amel1791-1848IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.2
Amel1853-1933IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.4
Amel1856-1947IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.13
Amel1861-1917IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.23
Amel Filips1921-2010IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.17
Amel Willem1907-1907IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.47
Amilia1805-1861IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.6
Andries Johannes (Hannes)1865-1943IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.32
Andries Johannes (Dries)1921-1992IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.22
Andries Johannes (Jo)1921-2010IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.29
Andries Johannes (André)* 1955IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.28
Andries Johannes (André)* 1969IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.15
Angela Josephine* 1969IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.44
Angelo Dennis* 1991IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.20
Anika Elske* 1980IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.57
Anna1919-2014IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.5
Anna* 2012IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.29b
Anna Adriana Johanna (Ans)* 1956IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.7
Anna Adriana Johanna (Anneke)* 1969IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.13
Anna Catharina1734-1784IJss., Johan Franco branch, 8.3
Anna Catharina1742-1764IJss., oldest generations, 8.9
Anna Elizabeth1887-1933IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.28
Anna Hendrica1821-1910IJss., oldest generations, 11.1
Anna Hendrika Hermina1864-1944IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.10
Anna Hillegonda Margaretha* 1944IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.65
Anna Hubertina1843-1873Nieuwkapelle, 5.18
Anna Margarita1761-....Nieuwkapelle, 3.4
Anna Maria1773-1846IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.3
Anna Maria (Ans)1919-2017IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.18
Anna Petronella Theodora Jacoba* 1943Breyell, 7.10
Anna Rose* 2000IJss., Gijsbert branch, 17.3
Anna Wilhelmina (Annette)* 1956Nieuwkapelle, 9.2
Anne1907-1986IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.3
Anne Bernard Nicolaas (Ben)* 1971IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.6
Anne Teunis Dirk (Ton)1962-1963IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.3
Anne Teunis Dirk (Ton)* 1964IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.4
Annebel Kim Anh* 2017IJss., tak Jan Thomas, 18.6
Annegje1821-1894IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.19
Annie1913-1999IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.26
Annie* 1993IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.23
Annigje1747-18..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.12
Annigje1834-1863IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.9
Annigje1861-1929IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.53
Annigje1866-1954IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.17
Annigje1881-1889IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.67
Annigje1891-1979IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.12
Annigje1904-1924IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.24
Annigje Elizabeth1865-1867IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.25
Annigje Elizabeth1868-1870IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.27
Annigje Elizabeth1873-1881IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.30
Annigje Petronella1873-1877IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.2
Annigje Petronella1878-1949IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.5
Anthonie1916-1990IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.58
Anthonie (Toon)1924-2006IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.23
Anthonie Frederik (Frits)1824-1904IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.12
Anthonij1850-1852IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.13
Anthonij1879-1955IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.45
Anthony David (Tony)* 1966Breyell, 8.13
Antje1883-1984IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.70
Antoinette Marianne (Annet)1915-2009Nieuwkapelle, 7.4
Anton1853-1916IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.14
Antonetta1663-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.10
Antonia1798-....IJss., oldest generations, 10.3
Antonia1899-1969IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.36
Antonia (Tonny)1916-1970Hengelo, 6.17
Antonia Frederica1819-1882IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.10
Antonie1931-2006IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.13
Antonie Frederik (Frits)1845-1918IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.11
Antonio Ricardo Maria* 2009Breyell, 9.10
Antonius1804-1835Nieuwkapelle, 4.2
Antonius Willem1922-2002Hengelo, 6.8
Antoon1878-1954Hengelo, 5.3
Apher Pieter1642-1726IJss., oldest generations, 5.8
Arent~1550-161.Dordrecht, 2.1
Ariaantje1741-1823IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.2
Ariaantje Pieternella (Adrie)1942-1999IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.16
Arian (Aart)1945-2010IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.67
Arie1758-1813IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.9
Arie1807-18..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.28
Arie1847-1908IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.3
Arie1852-1852IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.41
Arie1853-1853IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.42
Arie1872-1946IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.1
Arie1882-1969IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.68
Arie1887-1956IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.74
Arie1902-1924IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.1
Arie1937-1987IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.2
Arie Janse1787-1810IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.24
Arie Pieter (Adrie)1953-2014IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.10
Arie Warnaar1894-1965IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.35
Arien1743-1744IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.3
Arigje Johanna1900-1900IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.44
Arij1769-17..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.22
Arina Adriana1895-1955IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.35
Arjan Martijn* 1975IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.12
Arjan Robert (Ard)* 1965IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.22
Arnold Gerard (Gerard)* 1949IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.5
Arnolda1791-1858IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.15
Arnolda Catharina1777-1778IJss., Johan Franco branch, 9.3
Arnoldus1640-16..Dordrecht, 4.9
Ary1786-....IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.11
Ary Dirkse1775-1852IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.5
Astrid* 1979IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.44
Astrid Atjana* 1989IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.21
Astrid Mary* 1967IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.26
Avery Alexis* 2012IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.60




Barbara1822-1872IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.2
Barbara Alette* 1981IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.83
Barbara Geertruda Elisabeth Maria* 1968Breyell, 8.7
Barbera1821-1821IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.1
Bart* 1987IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.6
Bastiaan Karel1905-1927IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.2
Bastiaantje (Sjani)* 1954IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.6
Belichgen....-16..IJss., oldest generations, 4.4
Benjamin* 2013IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 18.12
Benjamin Lambertus1807-....Nieuwkapelle, 4.8
Berendina Gezina1888-1975Hengelo, 5.10
Berendina Johanna Maria (Erna)* 1956Hengelo, 7.10
Bernarda Agatha1774-1855IJss., Johan Franco branch, 9.2
Bernarda Christina (Sister Antonio)1910-1992Hengelo, 6.13
Bernarda Maria (Nardie)* 1951Hengelo, 7.24
Bernardina Everdina (Diny)* 1945Breyell, 7.18
Bernardus1826-1829Hengelo, 4.2
Bernardus1830-1832Hengelo, 4.4
Bernardus1836-1898Hengelo, 4.6
Bernardus Antonius1914-1989Hengelo, 6.16
Bernardus Antonius1914-2000Hengelo, 6.4
Bernardus Gerardus (Berry)* 1958IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.75
Bernardus Johannes Josephus1911-1964Hengelo, 6.20
Bernardus Paulus Arnout1780-1838IJss., Johan Franco branch, 9.4
Bernardus Paulus Arnoud Elikink1809-1811IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.5
Bernardus Petrus Michael1943-1943Breyell, 7.17
Bernice Adriana Cornelia* 1982IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.46
Bertina* 1960IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.47
Betsy1918-2009IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.8
Blair Mackenzie* 2012IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.61
Boaz* 2013IJss., Johan Franco branch, 17.3
Bob* 1994IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.14
Bob* 2001Breyell, 9.1
Bob Sebastiaan* 1997Nieuwkapelle, 10.2
Boris Victor* 1990IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.13
Brad* 2002IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.17
Bram* 2005IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.54
Breanna Ray* 1991IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.58
Brian James* 1967IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.85
Broer* 2016IJss., tak Jan Thomas, 18.4




Caira* 2022IJss., Johan Franco branch, 16.10
Carlo Cornelis Wilhelmus* 1994Breyell, 9.4
Carlton James* 2002Breyell, 9.15
Casper Albertus* 1959IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.45
Catelijna1629-16..Dordrecht, 4.4
Catelijna1634-163.Dordrecht, 4.6
Catelijne1626-162.Dordrecht, 4.2
Catharina15..-....IJss., oldest generations, 3.5
Catharina (Koosje)1848-1927IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.19a
Catharina (Kaat)* 2007Breyell, 9.12
Catharina Berendina1850-1922IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.6
Catharina Elisabeth (Toos)1906-1984IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.11
Catharina Elisabeth (Bep)1937-2015IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.7
Catharina Jannetje1841-1842IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.15
Catie Aneila* 1983Breyell, 8.15
Catrina1839-1847IJss., oldest generations, 11.6
Charles Alexander Colton* 2001IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.52
Charles Gerhardus* 1955Hengelo, 7.27
child16..-1624IJss., oldest generations, 5.1
Chloe Minh Anh* 2016IJss., tak Jan Thomas, 18.5
Christa Anne* 1976IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.62
Christiaan1869-1870IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.28
Christiaan1914-1997IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.9
Christina1677-17..Dordrecht, 5.6
Christina1742-1827IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 9.1
Christina1841-1841IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.33
Christina1843-1843IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.35
Christina1867-1939IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.26
Christina1872-1931IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.57
Christina (Tineke)1946-2004Hengelo, 7.4
Christina* 2002IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.19
Christina Johanna Helena (Christa)* 1992IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.53
Christine Susanne* 1971IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.86
Christoffel1678-....IJss., Gijsbert branch, 7.2
Cilia Sanne Marian* 2009IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.1
Cindy* 1974IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.8
Cindy* 1982IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.22
Claasje1911-1914IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.25
Claudia* 1984IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.10
Claudia Maria Geertruda* 1992Breyell, 9.3
Cnelis1728-17..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 8.5
Coleta Suzan* 1964Hengelo, 8.9
Constance (Connie)1924-2016IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.2
Cora* 1946IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.38
Cornelia15..-16..Dordrecht, 3.1
Cornelia1670-1732IJss., oldest generations, 6.20
Cornelia1685-1686IJss., oldest generations, 7.8
Cornelia1718-1719IJss., oldest generations, 7.15
Cornelia1808-1809IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.8
Cornelia1813-1844IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.11
Cornelia1840-1916IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.13
Cornelia1845-1891IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.20
Cornelia1854-1855IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.43
Cornelia1857-1906IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.47
Cornelia1875-1949IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.59
Cornelia1888-1891IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.29
Cornelia1892-1893IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.31
Cornelia1893-1972IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.84
Cornelia1914-1915IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.13
Cornelia1917-1941IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.68
Cornelia Dirkje1843-1926IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.18
Cornelia Dirkje1857-1941IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.16
Cornelia Dirkje1861-1932IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.18
Cornelia Flora1889-1952IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.75
Cornelia Hubertina Carolina (Carolina)1835-1914Breyell, 4.9
Cornelia Louisa Margaretha1862-1937IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.19
Cornelis1651-17..IJss., oldest generations, 6.4
Cornelis1676-16..IJss., oldest generations, 7.3
Cornelis1683-1724IJss., oldest generations, 7.7
Cornelis1809-1872IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.9
Cornelis1828-1888IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.22
Cornelis1839-1840IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.32
Cornelis1842-1842IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.34
Cornelis1844-1844IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.36
Cornelis1847-1923IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.38
Cornelis1885-1956IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.72
Cornelis1887-1956IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.49
Cornelis (Bud)1918-1983IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.15
Cornelis1925-2016IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.95
Cornelis1944-1945IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.68
Cornelis Dirk1878-1878IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.30
Cornelis Maarten (Kees)1928-2014IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.73
Cornelis Maarten (Kees)* 1955IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.54
Cornelis Pieter1874-1929IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.20
Cornelis Pieter1897-1984IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.77
Cornelis Pieter1947-2017IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.17
Cornelis Pieter Willem (Kees)* 1948IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.16
Cristiaan1786-1857IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.36




Dana Maria* 1996IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.30
Dane Calvin* 2015IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 18.9
Danny John Franklin* 1970IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.9
David Alan* 1986IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.88
David Pim Louis Cinco* 2007Nieuwkapelle, 10.11
Debora Chantal (Debby)* 1975IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.40
Derk1792-1801IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.27
Desiree Maria* 1966Breyell, 8.9
Dex* 2012IJss., Johan Franco branch, 17.2
Dey Marie JoAnn* 2012IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.7
Diana Corina* 1967Hengelo, 8.16
Diana Marcelle* 1971IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.35
Diandra* 1989IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.40
Dick* 1965IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.9
Dickie Johanna (Ans)* 1953Hengelo, 7.5
Diëgo* 1989IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.15
Diena Adriana Johanna1815-1817IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.8
Dina Adriana Henriëtta1811-1814IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.6
Dirck14..-15..IJss., oldest generations, 1.1
Dirck~1560-~1630IJss., oldest generations, 3.1
Dirck16..-1692IJss., oldest generations, 5.5
Dirck1653-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.2
Dirck1685-174.IJss., Gijsbert branch, 7.4
Dirck1685-1744IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 7.2
Dirck1708-1768IJss., oldest generations, 7.13
Dirck1724-1797IJss., Gijsbert branch, 8.4
Dirk1738-1801IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.1
Dirk1748-1790IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.13
Dirk1752-1805IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.15
Dirk1765-17..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.20
Dirk1767-1815IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.28
Dirk1770-1831IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.1
Dirk1785-1786IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.45
Dirk1791-18..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.43
Dirk1801-1831IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.23
Dirk1802-1803IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.2
Dirk1825-1825IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.4
Dirk1836-1875IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.10
Dirk Cornelis1898-1977IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.32
Dirk Cornelis1924-2012IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.19
Dirk Cornelis* 1952IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.18
Dirk Geerlof1815-1844IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.46
Dirk Geerlof1844-1854IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.16
Dirk Jan1824-1903IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.13
Dirk Jan1864-1928IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.26
Dirk Jan1886-1887IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.41
Dirk Jan1889-1889IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.43
Dirk Jan1889-1973IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.32
Dirk Jan1895-1953IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.46
Dirk Jan1897-1898IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.47
Dirk Jan1898-1974IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.48
Dirk Jan1910-1910IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.35
Dirk Jan1929-1990IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.34
Dirk Jan1930-1992IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.44
Dirk Jan* 1946IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.38
Dirk Johan* 1943IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.15
Dirk Johannes1919-1995IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.21
Dirk Johannes Gerardus1957-2002IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.33
Dirkje1760-17..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.18
Dirkje1828-1830IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.6
Dirkje1856-1856IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.27
Dirkje1857-1858IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.28
Dirkje1859-1920IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.29
Dirkje1873-1936IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.33
Dirkje1874-1882IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.58
Dirkje1881-1930IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.46
Dirkje1883-1940IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.64
Dirkje1897-1897IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.81
Dirkje (Dit)1902-1950IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.37
Dirkje (Edith)1920-1993IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.69
Dirkje1920-2001IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.60
Dirkje Lijsje Agatha (Dikky)1900-1987IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.83
Dorieke Adriënne* 1999IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.11




Eduard1909-1932IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.6
Eduard* 1950IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.15
Eduard Augustinus* 1964IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.24
Edward1922-2008IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.30
Eefje* 2003Breyell, 9.2
Eeltje (Elly)1927-2011IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.9
Eijchgen1644-16..IJss., oldest generations, 5.9
Eijgje Gerrigje1903-1903IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.85
Eijgje Gerrigje1908-1990IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.87
Eliesabeth Cornelia1787-1819IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.41
Eline Mechtilda Petronella* 1989IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.48
Elisabeth1657-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.7
Elisabeth1667-17..IJss., oldest generations, 6.30
Elisabeth1856-1927IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.46
Elisabeth1862-1863IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.24
Elisabeth1891-1898IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.33
Elisabeth Charlotte Bernarda1815-1849IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.15
Elisabeth Gezina Roelofje Maria (Rosé)* 1968IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.33
Elisabetha1836-1857Nieuwkapelle, 5.6
Ellen-Sophie Maria* 2011Hengelo, 9.15
Elly* 1969IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.36
Emil Karel Lodewijk Alexander1884-1920Nieuwkapelle, 6.6
Emma Sophie* 2005IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 18.2
Erik Anthony* 1947IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.45
Erik Nicolaas* 2006Hengelo, 9.2
Erik Pieter Willem* 1990Hengelo, 8.5
Ernst Cornelis Maria* 1964Breyell, 8.8
Eugenie Maria Cornelia* 1969Hengelo, 8.11
Eva Elisabeth* 1993Nieuwkapelle, 10.3
Evy* 1999Hengelo, 9.7




Femke* 1972IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.10
Fenna Petronella1915-1985IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.58
Ferdinand Gijsbert (Ferry)1929-2016Breyell, 7.2
Fiene* 2010Breyell, 9.13
Fleur Ilona* 2006IJss., Johan Franco branch, 16.7
Fleur-Marie Ceciel* 2010Hengelo, 9.14
Flora* 1940IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.8
Flora Adriana* 1949IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.6
Flora Aria1927-2020IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.1
Flora Mijntje* 1947IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.4
Floris1819-1901IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.18
Floris1891-1957IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.76
Floris1949-2003IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.72
Floris Amel1894-1973IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.79
Floris Gerrit1904-1904IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.86
Floris Jan (Floor)1926-2014IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.31
Floris Jan* 1961IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.48
Floris Willem1923-2018IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.67
Francesco Marinho Domingus* 1985IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.28
Francisca Yvonne (Yvonne)* 1947IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.4
Franciscus1922-1987Hengelo, 6.19
Franciscus Gerardus* 1968IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.27
Franco Daniël1733-1741IJss., Johan Franco branch, 8.2
Francona Maria1731-1732IJss., Johan Franco branch, 8.1
Frank Gerrit* 1985IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.84
Frank Johannes Hermannus* 1972Hengelo, 8.14
Franky* 1965IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.5
Frans Jan1911-1993IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.66
Frans Nicolaas1888-1975IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.8
Frederick* 1985Hengelo, 8.21
Fredericus Johannes Maria (Freddy)1945-2003Hengelo, 7.20
Frederik1851-1931IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.24
Frederik1904-1905IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.63
Frederik1909-1934IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.65
Frederik Cornelis* 1955IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.56
Frederik Gerrit1908-1984IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.54
Frederik Gijsbertus (Frits)1881-1942IJss., Johan Franco branch, 12.9
Frederik Gijsbertus (Frits)1915-1984IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.17
Frédérique (Frie)1927-2007Nieuwkapelle, 8.4
Fridericus....-1787Breyell, 1.1
Frits Rigter1926-1993IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.32
Frits Rigter1961-2008IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.22




Gaby* 1972IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.10
Geerlof1736-1769IJss., Gijsbert branch, 8.8
Geertje* 1952IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.46
Geertje Clasina* 1958IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.19
Geertje Wilhelmina (Gerrie)* 1958IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.41
Geertruid1828-1831Hengelo, 4.3
Geertruida1872-1961Hengelo, 5.4
Geertruij1633-1673Dordrecht, 4.5
Geertruij1788-1864IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.37
Geertruij1802-1838IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.24
Geertruy1793-....IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.17
Geertruy1800-18..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.22
Gerard1883-1945IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.47
Gerard1923-1998IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.70
Gerard Adriaanus* 1944IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.50
Gerard Willem* 1948IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.52
Gerardus1753-17..Nieuwkapelle, 3.1
Gerardus (Gradus)1766-1850Nieuwkapelle, 3.6
Gerardus1877-1877IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.25
Gerardus Hendrikus1826-1872Nieuwkapelle, 5.7
Gerardus Majella1943-1943Hengelo, 7.18
Gerardus Majella Maria (Jelle)* 1944Hengelo, 7.19
Gerardus Theodorus1800-1838Nieuwkapelle, 4.5
Gerardus Theodorus1820-1820Nieuwkapelle, 5.1
Gerhard Antonius1923-1923Hengelo, 6.25
Gerharda Maria (Hannie)1948-1965Hengelo, 7.22
Gerhardus Johannes (Gerard)1939-2011Hengelo, 7.16
Gerrigje1785-1864IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.10
Gerrigje1854-1901IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.26
Gerrit1783-1837IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.9
Gerrit1789-....IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.13
Gerrit1816-1875IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.12
Gerrit1826-1884IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.21
Gerrit1838-1916IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.31
Gerrit1848-1865IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.22
Gerrit1849-1927IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.2
Gerrit1859-1915IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.48
Gerrit1876-1942IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.35
Gerrit1877-1877IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.4
Gerrit1877-1941IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.43
Gerrit1889-1971IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.75
Gerrit1912-2001IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.88
Gerrit (Ger)1914-1983IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.97
Gerrit1943-2010IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.64
Gerrit1943-2000IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.66
Gerrit Antoon (Ton)1925-1994IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.72
Gerrit Jacob (Geo)1938-2020IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.2
Gerrit Jan1832-1880Hengelo, 4.5
Gerrit Jan1882-1971Hengelo, 5.8
Gerrit Jan (Hans)1942-2007Hengelo, 7.2
Gerrit Jan Johannes1912-1929Hengelo, 6.2
Gerrit-Jan Niek (Cass)* 2007IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.5
Gerrit Rudolf1927-1986IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.66
Gerritje1885-1958IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.65
Gerritje1914-1984IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.57
Gertrudis1805-1883IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.31
Gesina1870-1887Hengelo, 5.1
Gesina Johanna1911-1911Hengelo, 6.1
Gesina Maria1916-1916Hengelo, 6.6
Gesina Maria1930-2016Hengelo, 6.10
Gezina Hendrika Maria (Sien)1908-1986Hengelo, 6.11
Gezina Johanna Catharina (Sien)1914-1982Hengelo, 6.22
Giel* 1987IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.54
Gieljan Sikko Pieter* 1971IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.1
Gijsbert~1600-1652/3IJss., oldest generations, 4.5
Gijsbert1654-17..IJss., oldest generations, 6.13
Gijsbert1661-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.9
Gijsbert1676-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.35
Gijsbert1683-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.37
Gijsbert1713-1784IJss., Gijsbert branch, 8.1
Gijsbert1785-1803IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.9
Gijsbert1803-1827IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.25
Gijsbert1837-1876IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.11
Gijsbert1854-1932IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.11
Gijsbert1899-1899IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.19
Gijsbert1928-2020IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.11
Gijsbert* 1951IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.55
Gijsberta (Bertha)1902-1953IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.21
Gijsberta Maria1807-1847IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.4
Gijsbertje1774-1811IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.4
Gijsbertus1652-165.IJss., oldest generations, 6.12
Gijsbertus1665-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.29
Gijsbertus1670-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.32
Gijsbertus1678-1678IJss., oldest generations, 6.36
Gijsje1803-1834IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.30
Gioia* 2016IJss., Johan Franco branch, 17.1
Givano* 2021IJss., Gijsbert branch, 17.8
Goosen1801-1806IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.1
Gretha Martina* 1960IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.21
Guus Albert* 2021IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.11b




Hailey Paulyne Isabella* 2023IJss., Gijsbert branch, 17.6
Hans~1550-....Dordrecht, 2.2
Happy Romualdus1946-2023IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.2
Harman1658-1739IJss., oldest generations, 6.15
Harmen....-162.IJss., oldest generations, 4.2
Harmen16..-16..IJss., oldest generations, 5.3
Harmen16..-1656IJss., oldest generations, 5.6
Harmina (Mini)1927-2018IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.9
Harold Willem* 1982IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.60
Hart Lashay* 1996IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.59
Heddewina Elizabeth (Wieneke)* 1964IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.34
Helen1920-2013IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.28
Helen Margaret* 1958IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.20
Helena Francona Florentina1885-1957IJss., Johan Franco branch, 12.1
Hendrica1788-1788IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.25
Hendrick1673-....Dordrecht, 5.10
Hendricus1895-1958IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.36
Hendricus Cornelis1838-1884IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.16
Hendricus Cornelis Lammert Jan1897-1974IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.18
Hendricus Gerardus1838-1838Nieuwkapelle, 5.15
Hendrieka Sofia1796-1870IJss., oldest generations, 10.2
Hendriëtta Cornelia (Erna)* 1966IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.1
Hendrik1657-1726IJss., oldest generations, 6.14
Hendrik1741-174.IJss., Gijsbert branch, 8.9
Hendrik1760-1778IJss., oldest generations, 9.2
Hendrik1847-1886IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.21
Hendrik1855-1925IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.5
Hendrik1895-1945IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.1
Hendrik1905-1979IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.9
Hendrik1922-1997IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.7
Hendrik1925-2002IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.6
Hendrik* 1956IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.71
Hendrik Gerard1901-1965Nieuwkapelle, 7.3
Hendrik Jan Rudolph1841-1842IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.7
Hendrik Johan Rudolph1817-1892IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.9
Hendrik Karel1882-1882IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.13
Hendrik Roeltje (Rick)* 1993IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.39
Hendrik Rudolf1805-1809IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.3
Hendrik Rudolph1838-1839IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.6
Hendrik Rudolph1843-1922IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.9
Hendrik Rudolph1881-1952IJss., Johan Franco branch, 12.5
Hendrika1774-1811IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.38
Hendrika1833-1914IJss., oldest generations, 11.5
Hendrika1854-1854IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.20
Hendrika (Rika)1922-1991IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.61
Hendrika Antonia (Rita)1911-1990Hengelo, 6.14
Hendrika Hermina1897-1897IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.80
Hendrika Hermina Dirkje (Mien)1899-1976IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.82
Hendrika Hermina Eijgje1893-1893IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.78
Hendrika Maria1933-1934Breyell, 7.4
Hendrika Maria Helena1824-1827Nieuwkapelle, 5.3
Hendrika Petronella1895-1987IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.15
Hendrika Petronella (Henny)* 1953IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.27
Hendrika Regina1914-1993IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.4
Hendrika Willemina1879-1959Hengelo, 5.7
Hendrika Willemina (Helma)* 1978IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.43
Hendrikje1790-1808IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.26
Hendrikjen1749-1800IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.6
Hendrikus1856-1916IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.22
Hendrikus Adolph1830-1831Nieuwkapelle, 5.5
Hendrikus Cornelis1870-1945IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.22
Hendrikus Cornelis1895-1895IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.16
Hendrikus Cornelis1896-1896IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.17
Hendrikus Gerardus1835-1835Nieuwkapelle, 5.12
Hendrikus Gerardus1837-1837Nieuwkapelle, 5.14
Henk1947-1947IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.13
Henny* 1967IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.35
Henri Louis1873-1886IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.17
Henrica Angela (Hetty)* 1955Hengelo, 7.9
Henrica Maria1781-1847IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.44
Henrica Wilhelmina (Ricky)* 1962IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.21
Henricus1675-....IJss., Gijsbert branch, 7.1
Henricus1763-1815Nieuwkapelle, 3.5
Henricus Antonius (Harry)1926-2011Hengelo, 6.26
Henricus Antonius Petrus* 1937Breyell, 7.9
Henricus Antonius Petrus Mathijs
  Theodorus (Harry)
1910-1988Breyell, 6.4
Henricus Bernardus (Henk)* 1949Hengelo, 7.7
Henricus Gerardus1836-1836Nieuwkapelle, 5.13
Henricus Gerhardus Bernardus (Björn)* 1970Hengelo, 8.3
Henricus Hubertus1805-1886Nieuwkapelle, 4.7
Henriette Jacqueline1886-1971Nieuwkapelle, 6.8
Henriëtte (Jet)1910-2007IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.7
Henriëtte Louise (Hetty)1921-1980IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.23
Henriëtte Maria* 1955Hengelo, 7.11
Henriëtte Petronella Maria1920-1995IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.19
Herman15..-....IJss., oldest generations, 2.2
Herman15..-....Dordrecht, 1.1
Herman Pouwel* 1947IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.9
Hermannus1671-1738IJss., oldest generations, 6.33
Hermannus Bernardus Jozef1909-1994Hengelo, 6.12
Hermannus Bernardus Martinus (Herman)* 1944Hengelo, 7.17
Hermanus1718-....IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 8.1
Hermanus1779-1806IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.7
Hermanus1897-1904IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.37
Hermanus Dirk1860-1861IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.24
Hermanus Dirk (Manus)1870-1946IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.30
Hermanus Dirk1903-1906IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.51
Hermanus Dirk1929-2012IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.43
Hermanus Dirkse1788-1866IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.42
Hermina Dirkje1912-1992IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.55
Hermina Gerharda Maria (Mia)1947-2023Hengelo, 7.21
Hetty* 1926IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.3
Hetty* 1949IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.39
Hillegond1655-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.3
Hillegonda1813-1897IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.34
Hillichgen....-1653IJss., oldest generations, 4.6
Hilligje1770-1824IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.2
Hilligje1792-1829IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.16
Hubertus Hendricus1872-1875Nieuwkapelle, 6.5




Ian* 2003Hengelo, 9.12
Ida1696-1716Dordrecht, 5.9
IJgje1890-1890IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.76
India Josephine Marjorie* 2001IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.53
Ingeborg Renate (Renata)* 1978IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.12
Ingrid* 1964IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.39
Ingrid Elizabeth* 1963IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.40
Irene1941-2020IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.28
Irene Anna Petra* 1995Hengelo, 9.8
Irma Albertine Ida* 1969IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.45
Isa Francisca Diet* 2013IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.30
Isabel Anna Maria* 1998Breyell, 9.5
Ivo Bart René* 1997Hengelo, 9.9




Jacob16..-....IJss., oldest generations, 5.2
Jacob Dirk1855-1866IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.21
Jacob Dirk1867-1867IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.28
Jacoba1771-1839IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.2
Jacoba1824-1826IJss., oldest generations, 11.2
Jacoba1829-1905IJss., oldest generations, 11.4
Jacoba Catharina (Catharina)1829-1890Breyell, 4.7
Jacoba Cornelia (Cor)1844-1926IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.10
Jacoba Johanna1903-1970IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.78
Jacoba Mercienne Elizabeth (Jerre
1923-2009IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.16
Jacobus1649-1719Dordrecht, 4.16
Jacobus1682-1683Dordrecht, 5.15
Jacobus1684-17..Dordrecht, 5.16
Jacobus Cornelis1874-1909IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.24
Jacobus Hermanus1836-1912IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.15
Jacobus Johannes1914-1914IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.48
Jacqueline Cameron (Jacquee)* 1950Nieuwkapelle, 8.8
Jacqueline Monique* 1968Hengelo, 8.17
Jacques André (André)* 1953IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.12
Jacques Raymond (Raymond)* 1973IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.11
Jaëll Elisah Elfride* 1988IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.32
Jake Richard* 2002IJss., Gijsbert branch, 17.4
James Helios* 1946IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.75
Jan15..-....IJss., oldest generations, 2.1
Jan....-1624IJss., oldest generations, 4.1
Jan1708-17..IJss., oldest generations, 7.14
Jan1722-1787IJss., Gijsbert branch, 8.3
Jan1738-1810IJss., oldest generations, 8.2
Jan1763-1806IJss., oldest generations, 9.3
Jan1767-....IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.21
Jan17..-1774IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.8
Jan1769-1791IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.29
Jan1835-1835IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.25
Jan1895-1895IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.4
Jan1896-1897IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.5
Jan1900-1966IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.7
Jan1932-1969IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.53
Jan1942-2022IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.37
Jan* 1956IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.4
Jan Cornelis1917-2006IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.99
Jan Fortuin1912-1991IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.3
Jan Hendrik1755-1795IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.16
Jan Hendrik1811-1875IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.9
Jan Hendrik1856-1856IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.15
Jan Hendrik1865-1944IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.20
Jan Hendrik1873-1873IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.27
Jan Maarten* 1958Nieuwkapelle, 9.5
Jan Rudolph1860-1861IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.16
Jan Thomas1743-1827IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 9.2
Jan Thomas1807-1871IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.7
Jan Thomas1813-1882IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.15
Jan Thomas1829-1829IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.7
Jan Thomas1838-1861IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.12
Jan Thomas1850-1851IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.23
Jan Thomas1850-1853IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.40
Jan Thomas1856-1923IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.44
Jan Thomas1871-1954IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.19
Jan Thomas1874-1896IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.31
Jan Willem1875-1946Hengelo, 5.2
Jan Willem1898-1962IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.43
Jan Willem1926-2005IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.24
Jan Willem (Pim)1929-2003Nieuwkapelle, 8.5
Jan Willem (Wim)1940-2022Hengelo, 7.1
Jan Willem1947-2001IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.24
Jan Willem* 1950IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.29
Jan Willem* 1955IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.37
Jan Willem* 1957Hengelo, 7.12
Jan Willem* 1957IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.33
Jan Willem* 1980IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.59
Jan Willem* 1994IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.24
Jan/Johannes1734-1803IJss., oldest generations, 8.5
Janna1775-1855IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.5
Janna1797-1853IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.3
Janna1846-1927IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.17
Janna Cornelia1894-1950IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.34
Janna Hendrika (Jenny)1944-2021IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.23
Jannegje1804-1889IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.5
Janneke Martine Anne (Marjanne)* 1969IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.2
Jannetje1737-....IJss., oldest generations, 8.7
Jannetje1740-1799IJss., oldest generations, 8.8
Jannetje Frederica (Riet)1923-2021IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.71
Jannigchen16..-1706IJss., oldest generations, 5.7
Jannigie1790-1864IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.1
Jannigje1811-1837IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.14
Jannigje1842-1842IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.14
Jannigje1843-1912IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.15
Jannigje1847-1905IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.1
Jannigje1855-1856IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.12
Jannigje1861-1897IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.30
Jannigje1894-1977IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.52
Jannigje1914-1996IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.67
Jannigje Alida1912-1988IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.56
Jansje1863-1951IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.16
Jansje Johanna1897-1993IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.18
Jaquelina Johanna1858-1863IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.15
Jeanne Elisabeth1864-1865Nieuwkapelle, 6.2
Jeannette Françoise Adriënne1842-1917IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.8
Jeffrey Cornelis* 1980IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.41
Jeffrey Scott* 1970Nieuwkapelle, 9.9
Jelle* 2007IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.55
Jenneke Maria1869-1920IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.29
Jenneke Maria (Marie)1888-1962IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.42
Jenny Frouke (Frouke)* 1951IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.11
Jens Willem Gerritjan* 2015IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.31
Jilles1815-1900IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.16
Jilles1879-1954IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.66
Jilles Cornelis1891-1975IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.77
Jilles Cornelis1919-1993IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.63
Jilles Cornelis* 1949IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.72
Jillis1865-1943IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.56
Joanna1809-1875IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.33
Joanna Gerrie Elisabeth (Anna)* 1962IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.49
Joanna Huberta1758-1829Nieuwkapelle, 3.3
Joannes1670-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.19
Joannes1675-16..IJss., oldest generations, 7.2
Joannes17..-17..Hengelo, 1.1
Joannes (Jan)17..-1879Hengelo, 3.1
Joannes Ludovicus1779-1845Breyell, 3.1
Jodocus1675-17..IJss., oldest generations, 6.22
Jodocus1735/6-1797IJss., oldest generations, 8.1
Joey* 1985IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.14
Joey* 1991IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.22
Johan1876-1949Hengelo, 5.6
Johan1919-1996Hengelo, 6.18
Johan (Jos)* 1959IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.81
Johan Antoni (Hans)* 1946IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.16
Johan Arie1895-1899IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.42
Johan Arie (Arie)1901-1995IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.45
Johan Arie (Aad)1935-1999IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.34
Johan Carel (Hans)1954-2014IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.74
Johan Cornelis Frederik* 1983IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.45
Johan Franco1706-1752IJss., Johan Franco branch, 7.1
Johan Franco1738-1789IJss., Johan Franco branch, 8.5
Johan Franco1773-1842IJss., Johan Franco branch, 9.1
Johan Franco1803-1878IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.2
Johan Franco1831-1831IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.2
Johan Franco1833-1918IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.3
Johan Franco1885-1969IJss., Johan Franco branch, 12.6
Johan Franco1886-1971IJss., Johan Franco branch, 12.2
Johan Karel (Pim)1921-1985IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.64
Johan Maria* 1953Hengelo, 7.25
Johan Maria (Jan)* 1936Hengelo, 7.14
Johan Willem (Wim)1897-1976Nieuwkapelle, 7.2
Johan Willem Peter (Peter)* 1962Nieuwkapelle, 9.7
Johann Heinrich1842-19..Breyell, 4.10
Johanna1585-162.Dordrecht, 3.3
Johanna1768-1838IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.1
Johanna1780-1799IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.40
Johanna1816-1886Breyell, 4.1
Johanna1827-1890IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.14
Johanna1861-1862IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.49
Johanna1874-1962Hengelo, 5.5
Johanna1881-1970IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.69
Johanna (Annie)1924-2014IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.8
Johanna (Jopie)1941-2004IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.36
Johanna Adriana Maria (Hennie)* 1961IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.37
Johanna Clasina (Joanne)1924-2011IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.65
Johanna Elisabeth Charlotte (Elise)1829-1863IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.14
Johanna Elisabeth Charlotte1863-1937IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.18
Johanna Francona Elisabeth Bernarda1801-1829IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.1
Johanna Geertruida Maria (Ans)* 1947Hengelo, 7.6
Johanna Gezina Josephine1913-1988Hengelo, 6.21
Johanna Hendrika1862-1897IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.25
Johanna Hendrika1875-1955IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.32
Johanna Hendrika1907-1989IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.53
Johanna Hendrina1857-1867Nieuwkapelle, 6.1
Johanna Henriëtte Maria (Joke)* 1944Hengelo, 7.3
Johanna Hubertina1834-1834Nieuwkapelle, 5.11
Johanna Margaretha1891-1963IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.14
Johanna Margaretha (Annie)1899-1994IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.13
Johanna Margaretha (Jopie)1923-2022IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.18
Johanna Maria1694-17..Dordrecht, 5.8
Johanna Maria (Marie)1913-1992Hengelo, 6.15
Johanna Maria (Ann)1928-2000Breyell, 7.1
Johanna Maria (Ans)1938-2013Hengelo, 7.15
Johanna Marja (Marjan)* 1954IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.39
Johanna Martina (Jopie)1919-2007IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.22
Johanna Petronella (Petronella)1832-1871Breyell, 4.8
Johanna Sibilla1818-1819Breyell, 4.2
Johanna Wilhelmina (Jopie)1922-1987IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.14
Johanna Wilhelmina Hendrika1871-1940IJss., Johan Franco branch, 12.4
Johannes1589-....Dordrecht, 3.5
Johannes16..-....IJss., oldest generations, 5.4
Johannes1646-1706Dordrecht, 4.14
Johannes (Johan)1672-1712IJss., oldest generations, 6.21
Johannes1680-....IJss., oldest generations, 7.5
Johannes1733-173.IJss., Gijsbert branch, 8.6
Johannes (Hannes)1734-1798IJss., Gijsbert branch, 8.7
Johannes1758-1786IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.17
Johannes1805-....IJss., oldest generations, 10.6
Johannes1862-1863IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.50
Johannes1864-1926IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.52
Johannes (Hans)1903-1985IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.46
Johannes1909-1910IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.4
Johannes1913-1957Hengelo, 6.3
Johannes (Jo)1913-1992IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.5
Johannes Gerardus (Jordy)* 1976Hengelo, 8.2
Johannes Hendrick1686-....IJss., oldest generations, 7.10
Johannes Hermanus1846-1905IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.19
Johannes Maarten Ferran Andreas* 2004Nieuwkapelle, 10.9
Johannes Marinus1902-1958IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.50
Johannes Marinus (Joop)1936-2006IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.45
Johannes Marinus (Jos)* 1958IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.41
Johannes Martinus1892-1916IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.34
Johannes Mathias1765-1834Breyell, 2.2
Johannes Nicolaas1834-1924IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.14
Johannes Nicolaas Marinus1874-1960IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.28
Johannes Petrus (John)* 1957Breyell, 7.20
Johannes Petrus Antonius Mathijs (Jo)1917-1997Breyell, 6.7
Johannes Wilhelmus (Hans)* 1950IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.3
Johannes Wolfgang (Hans)1923-1980IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.42
Johannes Wolfgang (Hans)* 1967IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.38
Johannis1688-17..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 7.5
John* 1967IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.31
John Francis Alexander* 1999IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.51
Joke* 1965IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.10
Jolie Maria* 2017IJss., Johan Franco branch, 17.4
Jolijn Johanna Wilhelmina* 1983IJss., Johan Franco branch, 16.4
Joost1667-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.11
Jord* 1995IJss., Gijsbert branch, 17.1
Jordi* 1994IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.16
Joris Franciscus Cornelis* 2018IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.11a
Joris Willem Jan* 1995Hengelo, 8.6
Jos* 1984Hengelo, 8.20
José* 1969IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.42
Josina1659-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.8
Julia Clasina (Claasje)* 1992IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.4
Julia Marjorie* 1965IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.42




Karel1669-16..Dordrecht, 5.3
Karel1674-1682Dordrecht, 5.5
Karel1915-1920Nieuwkapelle, 7.8
Karel Boudewijn* 1995Nieuwkapelle, 10.1
Karel Hendrik1866-1941Nieuwkapelle, 6.3
Karel Herman (Has)1923-2002Nieuwkapelle, 8.3
Karel Hubertus1841-1915Nieuwkapelle, 5.17
Karel Lodewijk* 1955Nieuwkapelle, 9.1
Karel Lodewijk (Bob)1892-1983Nieuwkapelle, 7.1
Karel Louis1948-2001Nieuwkapelle, 8.7
Karel Willem1924-1999Nieuwkapelle, 8.2
Karel Willem (Wim)1955-1998Nieuwkapelle, 9.4
Kareline Floortje1921-1979Nieuwkapelle, 7.9
Kasper* 2020IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.31b
Katharine Adelaide Lindsay (Adé)1881-1982IJss., Johan Franco branch, 12.8
Kendra Jill* 1977Nieuwkapelle, 9.10
Kenneth Walter (Skip)* 1947Nieuwkapelle, 8.6
Kevin Bernardus* 1998Hengelo, 8.26
Kevin Julian* 1998IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.24
Kim* 1980IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.11
Kim Christel* 1984IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.42
Klaas Arie (Nico)1925-2010IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.30
Klaas Arie (Nico)1951-2008IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.44
Klaasje (Sien)1892-1972IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.45
Krijntje Clasina (Krijnie)* 1953IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.3
Kylie Ann* 1980Breyell, 8.14




Lambertus....-1768Breyell, 1.2
Lars* 1994Breyell, 9.8
Lauren* 1997Breyell, 9.9
Laurie Ann* 1974IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.36
Lea Bloem* 2016IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.56
Leah Norah* 2016IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 18.10
Leentje Cornelia Jannigje1911-1923IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.55
Leentje Cornelia Jannigje (Lenie)1926-2019IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.62
Leentje Neeltje* 1952IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.30
Leijsabet1673-17..IJss., oldest generations, 7.1
Leonie Adèle* 1951Hengelo, 7.8
Leonie Francina* 1978IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.13
Lieke Susanne Therese* 1991Hengelo, 8.7
Lies-Anne Geeske* 2003IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 18.1
Liese* 2010IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.29a
Lijdia (Leida)1933-2021IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.33
Lijntgen....-1632IJss., oldest generations, 4.3
Lijntgen1651-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.1
Lijsbeth1661-1746IJss., oldest generations, 6.16
Lijsbeth1723-1769IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 8.3
Lijsbeth1859-1926IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.7
Lijsje (Elisabeth)1787-1853IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.11
Lisa Maja* 2009IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.25
Lisanne Jojanneke Willemijn* 1992Hengelo, 8.8
Liselotte* 1999Breyell, 9.7
Lisette* 1972IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.34
Lodewijk Cornelis Dirk1868-1951IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.21
Loes* 1996Hengelo, 9.6
Lotte* 2000IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 18.7
Louis Henri Jacques1885-1973Nieuwkapelle, 6.7
Louis Karel Antoine1914-1993Nieuwkapelle, 7.7
Louisa Margaretha1683-1747IJss., Gijsbert branch, 7.3
Louwerens (Laurens)* 1947IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.69
Lucas Robertus Karlheinz* 2015Hengelo, 9.16
Luuk* 2011IJss., Gijsbert branch, 17.5
Luuk Aaron* 2012IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.26
Luuk Herman Johannes* 2000Hengelo, 9.10
Lynn* 2002Hengelo, 9.11




Maaike* 1984IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.5
Maarten1774-1834IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.4
Maarten1842-1917IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.18
Maarten1885-1962IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.48
Maarten1893-1941IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.42
Maarten1931-2015IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.52
Maarten* 1987IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.7
Maarten Immanuel* 1971IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.61
Maartje1906-1997IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.64
Machteld1688/9-17..IJss., oldest generations, 6.28
Magcheltje1852-1872IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.25
Magcheltje1880-1884IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.38
Magcheltje (Marie)1885-1950IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.41
Magdalena Maria (Marleen)* 1966IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.12
Maijke1772-1836IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.23
Marcelis (Cees)1914-1971IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.59
Marcelis Gerrit (Marc)* 1984IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.32
Marco* 1994Breyell, 8.18
Marcus1786-17..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.10
Marcus1794-17..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.18
Marcus1796-17..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.19
Marcus1798-1838IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.21
Marcus Maria* 1963Breyell, 8.6
Margaret (Greet)1917-1992IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.27
Margaret* 1964IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.18
Margareta1757-1788IJss., oldest generations, 9.1
Margaretha (Greet)1918-2010IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.93
Margaretha (Marja)* 1948IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.70
Margaretha Elisabeth Christina* 1947Breyell, 7.12
Margaretha Henriëtte Sofie (Greet)1919-1943Nieuwkapelle, 7.6
Margaretha Jeanne (Greetje)1929-2017IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.20
Margaretha Johanna1878-1878IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.26
Margaretha Johanna Sophia1897-1963IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.19
Margaretha Maria (Gré)1904-1990IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.10
Margaretha Maria Elizabeth1830-1879Nieuwkapelle, 5.9
Margarietje1681-1770IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 7.1
Margo1877-1878IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.36
Margo1878-1962IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.37
Margretha1907-1992IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.38
Margrieta Maria1902-1976IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.23
Margrietje1695-....IJss., oldest generations, 7.11
Margrietje1726-1795IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 8.4
Marguerite1811-1884Nieuwkapelle, 4.9
Maria1590-1671Dordrecht, 3.6
Maria1638-1639Dordrecht, 4.7
Maria1641-1641Dordrecht, 4.10
Maria1642-1644Dordrecht, 4.11
Maria1647-1648Dordrecht, 4.15
Maria1655-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.6
Maria1663-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.17
Maria1664-1664Dordrecht, 5.1
Maria1676-1680Dordrecht, 5.12
Maria1681-1682Dordrecht, 5.14
Maria1745-1808IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.11
Maria1745-1825IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.4
Maria1750-....IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.14
Maria1762-1794IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.19
Maria1766-....Nieuwkapelle, 3.7
Maria1800-1835IJss., oldest generations, 10.4
Maria1826-1867IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.5
Maria1826-1871IJss., oldest generations, 11.3
Maria1868-1952IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.18
Maria1874-1953IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.34
Maria1875-1884IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.3
Maria1884-1963Hengelo, 5.9
Maria1885-1969IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.27
Maria1916-1980IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.7
Maria* 1947Breyell, 7.15
Maria* 1950IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.26
Maria (Ria)* 1954IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.70
Maria Alberdina Hendrika (Rita)1925-2005IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.24
Maria Elisabeth (Elisabeth)1825-1900Breyell, 4.5
Maria Elisabeth1881-1968IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.63
Maria Elizabeth1827-1829Nieuwkapelle, 5.8
Maria Gerarda Majella1916-2001Hengelo, 6.23
Maria Gerardina (Rie)1911-2000IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.13
Maria Gijsberta (Bertha)1826-1904IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.13
Maria Helena1886-1967IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.73
Maria Helena1913-2004IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.96
Maria Helena1914-1914IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.90
Maria Helena1915-1994IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.91
Maria Hendrika Johanna (Rietje)1934-2019Breyell, 7.8
Maria Hendrikje (Ria)* 1952IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.32
Maria Hubertina1827-1865Breyell, 4.6
Maria Ilse (Ilse)* 1938IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.6
Maria Jeane Florentina1821-1822IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.11
Maria Johanna1875-1955IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.31
Maria Johanna (Piti)1920-2006Nieuwkapelle, 8.1
Maria Johanna Florentina1846-1879IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.12
Maria Johanna Francona Florentina1829-1913IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.1
Maria Lamberta (Marjolijn)* 1961IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.42
Maria Magdalena (Lenie)1930-2015IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.5
Maria Margaretha1917-1952Nieuwkapelle, 7.5
Maria Theresia1776-18..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.39
Maria Wanda (Rida)1935-2007IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.1
Marianne* 1947IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.10
Marianne Johanna* 1950Breyell, 7.19
Marie Henrietta Hubertina (Mary)1923-2008IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.36
Mariëlle Aafke Diet* 1979IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.58
Marijke Esther* 1960IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.57
Marijne Catharina* 1996IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.10
Marijtje1844-1917IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.19
Marijtje1884-1914IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.71
Marijtje1919-1986IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.94
Marike1653-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.5
Mariken15..-....IJss., oldest generations, 3.4
Marinus Nicolaas1878-1963IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.29
Mark Antonie* 1991IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.9
Mark Vincent* 1981Hengelo, 8.18
Marlena Anita (Antoinette)* 1977IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.19
Marregje1799-1799IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.4
Marregreta1802-1811IJss., oldest generations, 10.5
Marrigje1777-1848IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.6
Marrigje1831-1883IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.23
Marrigje Heijkoop1890-1971IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.11
Martha Ariaantje (Marian)* 1955IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.19
Martha Geertruida1916-2009IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.20
Martijn* 1989IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.27
Martijn Constantijn Maria* 1985IJss., Johan Franco branch, 16.5
Martijntje1857-1859IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.6
Martijntje1860-1860IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.8
Martijntje1862-1863IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.9
Martijntje Arieda (Mariella)* 1975IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.18
Martijntje Theodora1858-1941IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.23
Martin Alexander* 1964IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.41
Martina Adriana (Tineke)1921-1986IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.51
Matheus Antonius Peter Henricus (Thijs)1903-1979Breyell, 6.2
Matheus Cornelis Josephus (Maarten)* 1966Breyell, 8.2
Matheus Maria (Mathieu)1934-2004Breyell, 7.5
Mathias1806-1884Breyell, 3.2
Matthew David* 1995Nieuwkapelle, 10.4
Matthew Marinus* 2017Hengelo, 9.3
Maureen Maria Johanna* 1974Hengelo, 8.15
Maya Esther* 1959IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.78
Mayang Intan Kurnia* 1987IJss., Johan Franco branch, 16.3
Mechelina (Lieneke)* 1965IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.44
Mechtilda Maria1737-1751IJss., Johan Franco branch, 8.4
Meintje Louise Odilia* 2000Nieuwkapelle, 10.8
Menno Sebastiaan* 1998IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.3
Mensje (Menlie)* 1957IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.38
Menstje Elske (Mies)* 1950IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.76
Mercuria* 1952IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.74
Merel* 2015IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 18.8
Merlijn Pieter Carel* 2010IJss., Johan Franco branch, 16.9
Michael* 1956IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.77
Michel* 1973IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.30
Michel Antonius Mathijs Hendrikus
1915-1917Breyell, 6.6
Michiel Alexander* 1987Hengelo, 8.23
Michiel Willem* 1979IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.82
Mike Franciscus* 1998Hengelo, 8.25
Milo* 1995Breyell, 9.6
Mirjam Helena* 1966IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.25
Moniek Francien* 1983Hengelo, 8.19
Myrthe Elisabeth* 2000IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.4




Nancy* 1958IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.16
Natasja* 2001IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.13
Natasja Caroline* 2004Hengelo, 9.1
Nathalie Philipine* 1979IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.46
Neeltje1878-1879IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.44
Neeltje1889-1889IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.50
Neeltje1892-1975IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.51
Nelletjen1687-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.27
Nelligje1755-1810IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.8
Nelligje1805-....IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.26
Nelligje1806-1864IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.27
Nelly1939-1984IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.21
Nick Wilfriedus* 2000Hengelo, 8.27
Nicky* 1987Breyell, 8.17
Nico* 2004Breyell, 9.11
Nicolaas* 1949IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.5
Nicolaas Floris Johannes* 1990IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.52
Nicolaas Marinus1840-1921IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.17
Nicolaas Marinus1872-1921IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.23
Nicolaes1669-....IJss., oldest generations, 6.18
Nicolaus....-....Breyell, 0.1
Nicolaus1743-1823Breyell, 2.1
Nicole Anne Maria* 1968Breyell, 8.3
Nicole Hendrica Johanna* 1984IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.47
Niels Antonius Johannes* 1994IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.1
Nienke* 2013IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.29c
Nikki* 1998IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.28
Nina Lois* 2005IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.31
Nina Maria* 1994IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.14
Noa Hanne Ariane* 1999IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.34
Norbert Cornelis* 1973Breyell, 8.11
Nox* 2014IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.8




Odette Theresia (Mirjam)* 1979IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.20
Okki Joep* 1998IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.50
Olivia* 2013Hengelo, 9.13
Olivia Anne* 1999Breyell, 9.14
Olle James Dirk* 2001IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.35
Otgerus Benedictus* 1965Hengelo, 8.10




Paige Chardon* 1993IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.50
Patricia191.-191.IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.12
Paul Maria* 1953Breyell, 7.16
Paula Margaretha* 1963IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.4
Paulina Helena1896-1946IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.2
Paulina Theodora1837-1893IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.5
Pauline Lamberta Johanna* 1968IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.43
Paulus Anthonie1826-1826IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.17
Paulus Fredrik Hendrik1813-1817IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.7
Paulyne Nelly* 1970IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.28
Pepijn Joshua Jesse* 1989IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.33
Peter~1550-....Dordrecht, 2.3
Peter15..-....IJss., oldest generations, 3.3
Peter1669-1692Dordrecht, 5.7
Peter1823-1831Breyell, 4.4
Peter1894-1980IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.3
Peter* 1928IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.33
Peter1948-2007IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.25
Peter* 1957IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.20
Peter* 1985IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.23
Peter Cornelis* 1950IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.46
Peter Hendrick1915-1979IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.14
Peter John1960-1975Breyell, 8.12
Peter Michael1872-1950Breyell, 5.1
Peter Michael1931-2019Breyell, 7.3
Petra Irene1942-1945IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.3
Petronella1891-1891IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.9
Petronella Cornelia (Nel)* 1950IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.53
Petronella Hendrika (Petra)* 1967IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.17
Petronella Hendrika Maria1937-2014IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.26
Petronella Menke Patricia (Patricia)1967-2021Breyell, 8.1
Petrus Jacobus16..-1730Nieuwkapelle, 1.1
Petrus Johannes Antonius (Pim)* 1966Hengelo, 8.13
Philip1586-....Dordrecht, 3.4
Philippus1802-....Nieuwkapelle, 4.6
Pierson Jan (Tabor)* 2019IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 18.11
Piet1870-1930IJss., Johan Franco branch, 12.3
Piet1923-1997IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.1
Pieter1602-1659Dordrecht, 3.7
Pieter1644-1644Dordrecht, 4.12
Pieter1645-166.Dordrecht, 4.13
Pieter1666-1667Dordrecht, 5.2
Pieter1671-1676Dordrecht, 5.4
Pieter1675-1676IJss., oldest generations, 6.23
Pieter1677-1678IJss., oldest generations, 6.24
Pieter1679-17..Dordrecht, 5.13
Pieter1679-1717IJss., oldest generations, 6.25
Pieter1682-16..IJss., oldest generations, 7.6
Pieter1687-....IJss., oldest generations, 7.9
Pieter1720-1720IJss., oldest generations, 7.16
Pieter1788-1850IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.12
Pieter1823-1856IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.20
Pieter1824-1878IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.3
Pieter1857-1858IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.45
Pieter1862-1943IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.51
Pieter1882-1884IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.39
Pieter1883-1965IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.6
Pieter1887-1956IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.74
Pieter1892-1892IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.13
Pieter1893-1893IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.15
Pieter1895-1975IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.16
Pieter1918-1998IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.6
Pieter* 1961IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.9
Pieter* 1962IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.11
Pieter Christiaan (Pierre)* 1951IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.73
Pieter Geo Winemar* 2010IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.2
Pieter Hendrik1876-1945IJss., Johan Franco branch, 12.7
Pieter Martinus1895-1896IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.1
Pieter Martinus1901-1977IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.2
Pieter Wilhelm Adriaan1835-1909IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.4
Pieter Willem Jan* 1984IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.14
Pim Jens* 2018Hengelo, 9.13a
Pim Johan Karel* 1962IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.77
Pleun Maartje* 2009Hengelo, 9.5
Priscilla191.-191.IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.11
Pup Sophie* 2001IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.51




Quinta* 1969Breyell, 8.10




Raimond Marcel* 1976IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.16
Ralph Edward1941-2000IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.17
Ramon* 1977IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.9
Reinier Adriaan1964-2024Nieuwkapelle, 9.8
Reinoldus Hermannus Gerhardus (René)* 1965Hengelo, 8.12
Remigius1717-1799Nieuwkapelle, 2.1
Remigius Adolphus1795-1830Nieuwkapelle, 4.3
Remigius Johannes1826-1847Nieuwkapelle, 5.4
Renata* 1971IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.8
Richard* 1948IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.14
Rijk Willem1990-2006IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.38
Rik* 1991IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.13
Robert Amel (Amel)* 1969IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.12
Roberto* 1963IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.34
Roberto* 1990IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.29
Robertus Antonius Bernardus* 1954Hengelo, 7.26
Robin Vincent* 1991Hengelo, 8.24
Roef Eri Jan* 2016IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.3
Roelof1950-1960IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.69
Ronald* 1957IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.12
Ronaldo* 2005IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.25
Rony Johan* 1940IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.7
Rosa* 1952IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.47
Rosa Agnes* 1997Nieuwkapelle, 10.6
Rosa Marie* 2018IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.57
Rosalie* 1986IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.29
Roy* 1950IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.1
Roy* 1970IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.7
Ruby* 1995IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.49
Rudolf Christiaan1871-1938IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.29
Rudolfina Christina1909-1925IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.39
Rudolph1912-1944IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.8
Rudolph Hendrik (Henk)* 1942IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.8
Rudolph Jeffery (Jeffrey)* 1966IJss., Johan Franco branch, 15.6
Ruth1863-1863IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.54
Ruth1864-1910IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.55
Ruth1917-1976IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.60
Ruth1947-2021IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.68
Ruth Gabriëlle Alice* 1994Nieuwkapelle, 10.5




Sabine Ingrid* 1985Hengelo, 8.22
Sander* 1996IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.27
Sanne Hilde Maria* 1973IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.2
Sara15..-16..Dordrecht, 3.2
Sarah* 1990IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.55
Scott* 1990IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.11
Sebas* 2016IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 18.13
Sigrid Carolina Maria* 1997IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.2
Simon* 2017IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.31a
Simone* 1973IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.36
Sjoerd* 1973Hengelo, 8.4
Sophia1905-1923IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.52
Sophia Aaltje Alida1923-20..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.40
Sophia Charlotte Theresia1892-1974Nieuwkapelle, 6.10
Stacie Jane* 1991IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.49
Stan* 1997IJss., Gijsbert branch, 17.2
Stan Danny* 2003IJss., Johan Franco branch, 16.6
Stefanie* 1959IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.40
Stephanie* 1999IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.12
Steven Cornelis1872-1873IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.31
Stevenia Cornelia1814-1888IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.10
Stijntje1898-1985IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.6
Susanna1625-162.Dordrecht, 4.1
Susanna1840-1840Nieuwkapelle, 5.16
Susanneken1627-1660Dordrecht, 4.3
Sven* 2001IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 18.3




Tessa Simone* 1974IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.7
Tessel Victoria Josephine* 2007IJss., Johan Franco branch, 16.8
Teuntje1833-1834IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.24
Theo Peter* 1984Breyell, 8.16
Theodor Nicolaus1820-1830Breyell, 4.3
Theodora Catharina* 1944Breyell, 7.11
Theodora Huberta1821-1842Nieuwkapelle, 5.2
Theodora Petronella Antonia Wilhelmina
1905-1906Breyell, 6.3
Theodora Wilhelmina1888-1963Nieuwkapelle, 6.9
Theodore1921-1999IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.29
Theodore* 1962IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.17
Theodore* 1962IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.23
Theodorus1865-1941IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.27
Theodorus1884-1966IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.39
Theodorus1899-1899IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.38
Theodorus Jacobus1954-2013IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.11
Theresia Theodora Geertruida1862-1945IJss., Johan Franco branch, 11.17
Tibbe Thomas* 2006Hengelo, 9.4
Tibo Ernst* 1976IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.56
Tiffany* 2020IJss., Gijsbert branch, 17.7
Tijn Carlos Henri Marie* 2007Nieuwkapelle, 10.10
Tinie Joanna1955-2016IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.48
Trent Joshua Armàn* 2009IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.6
Trijntje1844-1925IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.16
Trijntje1858-1932IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.22
Trijntje1861-1957IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.15
Trijntje1893-1938IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.14
Trijntje Johanna1891-1949IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.40
Trijntje Willempje (Tini)* 1936IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.35




Unggul Haris Kurniawan* 1982IJss., Johan Franco branch, 16.1




Victor Hendricus Anna Maria* 1961Breyell, 8.5
Victorie Paulus (Victor)* 1942IJss., Johan Franco branch, 14.9
Victorine Janet* 1969IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.35
Violet Constance1926-2006IJss., Gijsbert branch, 14.37




Walter Rudolf* 1965IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.79
Wanda Petra* 1946IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.4
Wander Sebastiaan* 1983IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.63
Wendela Elizabeth* 1960Nieuwkapelle, 9.6
Wiesje* 1994IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.8
Wijnand Jacob1690-....Dordrecht, 5.17
Wijntje1896-1978IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.17
Wijntje (Winnie)1923-2008IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.61
Wijntje* 1939IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.15
Wijntje (Wijnie)* 1958IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.71
Wilbert* 1982IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.26
Wilfridus Hendrikus* 1957Hengelo, 7.28
Wilhelmina1879-1930IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.62
Wilhelmina1903-1985IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.8
Wilhelmina (Wil)* 1948IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.43
Wilhelmina* 1955IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 16.80
Wilhelmina Adriana1843-1914IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.4
Wilhelmina Neeltje1929-1984IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.12
Wilhelmina Theodora1833-1901Nieuwkapelle, 5.10
Wilhelmine Victoria Johanna Antonia1901-1911Breyell, 6.1
Wilhelmus1715-17..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 8.2
Wilhelmus1747-....Hengelo, 2.1
Wilhelmus1756-....Nieuwkapelle, 3.2
Wilhelmus1809-1811IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.32
Wilhelmus Antonius (Willem)1938-2018Breyell, 7.6
Wilhelmus Antonius Petrus Mathijs
  Hendrikus (Wim)
1912-1989Breyell, 6.5
Wilhelmus Hubertus1869-1941Nieuwkapelle, 6.4
Wilhelmus Johannes Maria (Maurice)* 1960Breyell, 8.4
Wilhelmus Petrus (Wil)1933-2022Breyell, 7.7
Wilhelmus Petrus Antonius (Bill)1941-2008Breyell, 7.14
Wilis Sari Kurnia* 1983IJss., Johan Franco branch, 16.2
Willem1674-1740Dordrecht, 5.11
Willem1698-....IJss., oldest generations, 7.12
Willem1719-1780IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 8.2
Willem1761-1828IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.10
Willem1777-18..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.6
Willem1781-1799IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.8
Willem1787-17..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.12
Willem1790-1813IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.14
Willem1811-1877IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.10
Willem1816-1873IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 11.17
Willem1825-1874Hengelo, 4.1
Willem1830-1895IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.8
Willem1859-1947IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 13.14
Willem1889-1962IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.10
Willem1900-1901IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.22
Willem1919-2001IJss., Johan Franco branch, 13.10
Willem* 1933IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.14
Willem Arie1815-1862IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.35
Willem Arie1876-1876IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.10
Willem Boudewijn (Boudewijn)* 1956Nieuwkapelle, 9.3
Willem Eduard Peter* 1997Nieuwkapelle, 10.7
Willem Frans* 1947IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.51
Willem Frederik1820-1846IJss., Johan Franco branch, 10.16
Willem Johannes1847-1849IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.5
Willem Johannes1853-1882IJss., Gijsbert branch, 11.7
Willem Johannes1877-1946IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.11
Willem Johannes1910-1990IJss., Gijsbert branch, 13.12
Willem Johannes (Willy)1923-2016Hengelo, 6.9
Willem Nicolaas (Marco)* 1970Hengelo, 8.1
Willem Scheltus Cornelis (Wim)1912-1987IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.26
Willemina1846-1846IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.37
Willemina1849-1928IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 12.39
Willemina1886-1975IJss., Gijsbert branch, 12.7
Willemina* 1969IJss., Gijsbert branch, 15.32
Willemina Barbara1772-17..IJss., Gijsbert branch, 10.3
Willemina Elisabeth1798-....Nieuwkapelle, 4.4
Willemina Jacomijntje Cornelia1907-1993IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.25
Willempje1753-1802IJss., Gijsbert branch, 9.7
Willempje1779-1857IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 10.7
Willempje1893-1893IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.33
Willempje1893-1975IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 14.41
Willibrordus Johannes Maria (Willy)1949-1992Hengelo, 7.23
Willy Marien1933-2010IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.25
Wouter Reyer Ruth* 1986IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.37




Yamilla* 1989IJss., Gijsbert branch, 16.18
Yolanda Nadina (Ylona)* 1983IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 17.21
Yvonne* 1951IJss., Jan Thomas branch, 15.73

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